Foytom hopes to be the most effective and productive organization
supporting the activities of Liberian women and children in need in Liberia
and the USA by the year 2025.


Empowering underserved Liberia women and children in Liberia and
the USA to become productive and successful citizens

    • Provide educational materials such as school uniforms, stationaries, computers, etc. to Underserved Liberian women
      and  children living in United States and Liberia;
    • Provide scholarships to student in need graduating from high schools entering Universities and Colleges in Liberia;
    • Distribute food, clothing, toys, etc. to  orphanages, shelters, hospitals and schools;
    • Provide mobile equipment to  women and children who became disabled as a result of the Liberian civil war;
    • Provide basic life skills training to women, to enable them start small businesses
    • Dispense startup funds to women who complete the Life skills training and desire to start  small businesses
    • Construct a multipurpose building in centrally located area in Liberia to be used for job training, community
      development programs, and activity center for women and children.